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No Excess, founded in 1988, is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam. The No Excess formula is a mix of comfortable fabrics, excellent fits and original designs. We create fashion for men who prefer an effortless look and clothes that are easy to wear. We select high-quality stretch fabrics and breathable fabrics. They maximise comfort and wearability, without compromising on looks. We add details like sporty zippers, pockets, elasticated waistbands and drawstrings for extra convenience and personality. Each season our design team creates unique prints and colour schemes. We keep an eye on the big trends and translate them into styles for No Excess: Comfortable, the best quality, with fancy details, down-to-earth and a timeless look.
Our collection consists of three directions: Casual, Sport and Chic. They offer lots of possibilities for comfortable cross-over looks. We like to call them our ‘winning team’. When presented together they’re pretty much invincible. No Excess delivers four collections a year. Two main collections, one for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter. In addition to our two main collection we bring two in-between collections, which are a response to the latest market demands and trends. Next to our seasonal collections we have a Never Out of Stock range which is always directly available from stock. The brand is for sale in more than 20 countries and has 1500 points of sale worldwide. Since 2015 there is a store in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Wholesale E: Photo credit: No Excess