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OUR TRASH. YOUR TREASURE. Our story starts with a waste bin. Literally. Not the best start for a high-end fashion label you might think. On the contrary! We are all aware that the global waste mountain has become a huge problem. We can no longer ignore it. Literally! We are therefore convinced that it is time to join the ever-growing zero-waste movement. WE PROMISE YOU WASTE. GREEN WASTE. With our infinite love for beautiful bags and accessories, and because we want to stop further pollution of our earth, we have started a search for a sustainable, animal-friendly and circular alternative to the current animal and synthetic leather. And we found 'green' waste for this.
CRUELTY FREE, NON PLASTIC LEATHERS. WINE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER For us it sounded unreal. But if it was true, oh how much we wanted it! Who could ever have thought of wine leather? Well, someone in Italy did. Leather made of leftovers from wine production. Wine leather is soft, smooth, stable, 100% sustainable, almost feels like leather, and it can even be recycled! AN APPLE A DAY Yes correct. It does keep the doctor away. So let's eat lots of them! Because what you might not know, apples are not only good for your health, they also contribute to a better planet. Can you imagine? From the cores and skins discarded from the industrial food industry, apple leather is made! A sustainable alternative for animal and plastic leather. We know... madness. CACTUSLEATHER; A SHARP IDEA Even overseas we found ‘green trash’. 2 Mexican guys are transforming the leafs of the Nopal cactus into leather. Nopal is used for the treatment of diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and hangovers, but also as a food. The leafs of this plant have always been thrown away, but now they are used to make cactus leather. SHINE LIKE A PINEAPPLE Muy impressionado. That is what we were when we read about this beautiful material made of a by-product from the pineapple fruitindustry; pineapple leaves. Once the long fibres are removed from the leaves ( these create the beautiful texture) the leftover biomassis used as a natural fertilizer. Two waste product, two uses. With this, this leather alternative litteraly takes the crown in turning trash into treasures. DESIGNED BY REBECCA CABAU We are very proud to mention that Rebecca Cabau van Kasbergen has designed our bucketbag. We know her as a person who cares deeply about animals and the world. FREE A GIRL A part of the proceeds of the bucketbag will go to the foundation of her choice: FREE A GIRL, founded by her sister Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen. Free a girl strives for a world without sexual exploitation of children. A goal that Trashious also fully supports. Wholesale P: +31(0)6 416 581 01 // +31 (0) 6 127 741 90 E: INFO@MYTRASHIOUS.COM Photo credit: Trashious