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WAIR specialises in Fashion AI (Artificial Intelligence) forecasting for Inventory Management. We create highly accurate sales forecasts (95% accuracy) on SKU-Store level directly into the existing software. Implementation is easy and quick via a pre-build connector with the existing process system. Currently WAIR offers a solution for replenishment, but are working on solutions for initial distribution and redistribution as well. WAIR not only takes fashion inventory management to a higher level with Deep Learning demand forecasting but also translates it immediately into automated data driven decision making for for example the replenishment process. Their unique way of pooling data from all partners, clients and third party data into 1 big system makes these breakthroughs possible. In this way we bring together retailers, brands, and ecosystem partners in their need of transforming towards an AI-driven business as the AI technology can only work if a lot of data is in hands. In the end we move retail’s current static processes into intelligent dynamic processes. Al based on the reality of the continuously changing customer demand. WAIR is a young and dynamic Amsterdam based scale up which uses the newest technologies to increase turnover and margin (with the same stock) for our clients.