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Academic Master’s Programme and Double Award Master’s Programme in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising

Course Summary School: Domus Academy

Location: Italy,

Education: Diploma

The Academic Master’s Programme path consists of 4 modules (course + workshop) plus 1 module including a professional experience and a Final Workshop Project. The Double Award Master’s Programme path includes additional dedicated classes and a 6th module as Final Major Project.

Fashion Brands are focusing on coherent visual communication to be genuinely believable and highly recognizable. The booming craving for experience and interactive participation is challenging fashion brands to create original and always evolving and memorable experiences, aligned to the aesthetics of their DNA.

The Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising covers at 360 degrees the visual communication of fashion brands envisioning and designing branded content for Omni-channel strategies; where the physical and digital touchpoints are merged together and each of them increases always more information during the customer journey. There is a growing demand for fashion brand image architects and visual communicators who can translate brand values into idiosyncratic and multifaceted projects that captivate the viewer attention and increase brand awareness.

The programme is directed at candidates who have a first level degree and/or professional experience in fashion design, photography, video making, architecture and communication. The programme is also open to candidates with a background in industrial design, journalism, media, fashion styling, visual merchandising, or equivalent fields. Furthermore, the programme is open to all candidates with a strong motivation and interest in tackling the programme subject areas.

Students will get the abilities and skills to meet the increasing demand for Fashion Brand Image Architects and Visual Communicators. The programme will equip them with the core knowledge for a career in international fashion styling and visual merchandising field.

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