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Master in Fashion Direction: Fashion Design & Management

Course Summary School: Milano Fashion Institute

Location: Italy, Milano

Education: Diploma

Behind every great collection is a brand capable of re-innovating and playing with its identity; and behind every brand capable of doing so is a manager as creative as he is capable. The master's degree in Brand & Product Management trains managers capable of managing the most original, memorable, and complex brands, through specific skills of project management of the fashion design processes, in the fashion & luxury sector, that complement those of product management. It is a highly multidisciplinary master's degree, which hybridizes design, management, and communication skills: only in this way is it possible to follow brands and products from the creative conception stage to production, communication, and market launch.
Bello e ben fatto. Beautiful & well made. When Beauty stays in details
Ready-to-wear & accessories have always been among the absolute excellences of Made in Italy, thanks to a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship: and thanks to the workshop-based structure of the master's course, all the practical aspects of the subject can also be explored in depth, through projects developed in collaboration with international designers and professionals in the sector, together with a deep understanding of the managerial process.
From theory to practice, a Master's course unlike any other awaits you, in which you will work as much with your mind as with your hands: you will become a Specialist Fashion Designer, combining experimentation and tradition, technology and craftsmanship, prototype and industrial production, in direct collaboration with some of the biggest companies in the sector.
It is no secret, in fact, that even for the most famous brands, accessories are at the heart of the business and the ready-to-wear is their perfect framework: evening dresses, formal wear, the new “athleisure”, shoes, accessories like jewelry & bags, are not only the icons of style and taste but also the objects that most appeal to customers. The Master in Fashion Direction: Fashion Design & Management trains designers specializing in a meticulous knowledge of design and management, from design to production and communication.

Key Facts:
Welcome day: January 19, 2024
Orientation week: January 22-26, 2024
Ceremony and lectures’ start: January 29, 2024
Lectures' end: October 18, 2024
Internship: starting from October 2024
Duration of the Master: 1 year, 1200 hours
Location: BY PRESENCE, on Milano Fashion Institute Campus, and some particular subjects able to participated on online.
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