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5 apps every fashion student will value

By Hannah Rafter


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It is no secret that millennials are addicted to their phones, and fashion students are no exception. For them, every popular social media platform is but a touch away and they have camera roll albums filled with thousands of images. But what about the apps that can help you excel in your studies and ultimately help you land you the career you want? Which apps will help you become a successful young professional ready to take on the world?

Lucky for you, there are lots of apps ready and waiting to help you do just that. So, make some room for a better future and check out some of the best.

The Dots

The Dots - you may or may not have heard of the new creative network that promises to bring you, your peers, fellow creatives and future employers closer together. The Dots hosts and highlights a wide range of people in the fashion and creative industries with the ability to share your cv, portfolio and projects you are working on. So to put it simply, you have the chance to put your best foot forward and be seen! The platform is growing quickly so make sure you keep updating your profile and upload any impressive work in addition to connecting with as many peers and industry folk as you can.


Canva - by far my most used app and I am devastated that it wasn’t on my iPhone during my 4 years of studying at university. Canva is a creative tool that allows you to design whatever you like and need. Whether you are working on a presentation for university, re designing your CV or amending your cover letter, or simply looking to up your social media game. Canva has it all. With pre designed templates, don’t let your lack of graphic design skills hold you back, the possibilities are endless and this app will certainly help you stand out from the crowd.


Slack - I will be very impressed if you’ve heard of Slack but I do know a certain popular fashion school have their students using it, so make sure you are also in the know. Slack is a messaging channel for workplaces but more and more students are using it and rightly so! Slack is amazing for when you are working with more than one person on a project. Studying fashion means you are often working in teams and with fellow students during and outside of term time. This provides the opportunity to communicate at all times when you are not at university, set up channels, set deadlines, share tasks and files. It really is a one stop shop for smoother communication amongst your peers.

Bumble (Bizz)

Bumble (Bizz) - now you’ve probably heard of Bumble, but have you heard of Bumble Bizz? Bumble bizz is still in the connections game, however you can scroll through and match with professionals, and although it seems similar to The Dots or Linkedin, it is in fact promoting networking and can help in you getting what you want and need. Fill out your profile and state who you are looking to meet, learn from, work for, and then sit back and let the people come to you. Whitney Wolf Heard (Founder of Bumble) has many connections and ties to the fashion industry, therefore it’s no surprise that many have joined in support. I myself have connected using this app and continue to learn from some amazing fashion industry folk through Bumble Bizz.

Google Drive

Google Drive - we all know about Google, its drive capacity and gmail but did you know you can get Google Drive and docs on your phone? Gone are the note taking days on your Notes section on your iPhone. You can keep your important ideas all in one place, right next to your CV, covering letter and university files. We have all been asked to send something last minute with no access to your laptop, but we usually have our phones by our side. Having your CV/Portfolio or assignments at a touch of a button is super useful.

These are my favourite apps at the moment and I wish I had known about them during my fashion studying days and when searching for employment. Now they are apps I simply couldn’t live without. They allow you present yourself to the world in a professional manner, take the stress out of many situations you may face as a fashion student and they will most certainly keep you connected.

Now make some room and go get em!

By Hannah Rafter, founder of The Intern 247, a website dedicated to giving real insights into the world of fashion internships.

Photo by Marek Levak from Pexels

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