5 fashion e-commerce and digital jobs in the US

Technology has completely changed the fashion industry, once a predominantly analog business. Social media allows retailers to engage with their consumers in real-time and also collect data that enables them to tailor products to their clientele. In an era of connectivity, smartphones and e-commerce have altered the way people shop by making it possible for consumers to compare prices on the shop floor while checking stock information across countries and borders. With technology transforming the fashion industry, career opportunities for digital savvy job applicants have increased. Here are five fashion e-commerce and digital jobs featured on FashionUnited that will put you right in the midst of fashion and tech.

Director of Nike App Digital Operations

Having outfitted some of the world’s best athletes since 1964, Nike, Inc. has an indisputable global network and continues to open flagships around the world. Evolving with the boom of e-commerce and demand of mobile retail, Nike has created the Nike App to deliver a high-end digital experience to its consumers. To drive the growth of its North American Nike App., Nike is seeking top talent to take on the role of Director of Nike App Digital Operations. In this position, responsibilities include leading a team of digital professionals focused on driving the day-to-day operations of the Nike App. A minimum of 5 years of direct-to-consumer retail e-commerce experience is required as well as the ability to liaise between all departments (merchandising, analytics, digital brand etc.) managing the Nike App.

Assistant Manager of International E-commerce and Digital Marketing

BECCA Cosmetics revolutionized the online beauty industry as one of the first brands to tap into influencer marketing. The company, which is owned by Estée Lauder, prides itself in authenticity and innovation. BECCA is currently searching for an Assistant Manager of International E-commerce and Digital Marketing. In this role, you’ll help support the development of the e-commerce strategy as well as use data collected to create customer profile learning. On the digital marketing side, you’ll use social media to engage with the BECCA community during major holidays or promotional dates.

Digital Copywriter

With the digitization of print, the publishing world lamented the decline of opportunities for writers; however, the need for creating unique content in e-commerce has given birth to new roles such as the Digital Copywriter. Again at BECCA Cosmetics, the New York based Australian founded company is also hiring a Digital Copywriter. In this position, you’ll be in charge of creating a cohesive BECCA brand voice to tie all digital customer touchpoints together from social media, the website to email marketing. The ideal candidate should have a vast knowledge of the digital landscape and experience in copywriting for various marketing channels.

Director of Direct to Consumer Digital and B2B

A newer player to dominate the sportswear market in recent years, Maryland based Under Armour is renowned for its partnership with NBA athlete Stephen Curry as the “face of their footwear line.” Starting in 2013, the company began to acquire numerous fitness and nutrition apps such as MapMyFitness and then MyFitnessPal in 2015. With this tech-oriented vision, Under Armour is looking for an ambitious Director of Direct to Consumer Digital and B2B. In this role, you’ll lead the strategic development, planning and execution to deliver revenue growth across North America. In the B2B sector, you’ll ensure that Under Armour is the best and most efficient brand to do business with for team sports and wholesale partners. By analyzing customer feedback and consumer insights, you’ll develop a functional roadmap that supports UA’s clientele.

Senior Director of Insights and Analytics

Founded in 1982, Destination Maternity designs maternity apparel that is sold at over 1000 retail locations across North America. Better known for its popular brands, A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity, the company is seeking a Senior Director of Insights and Analytics. Experience in implementing successful digital marketing campaigns and in managing e-commerce teams are preferred qualifications of an ideal candidate. At Destination Maternity Corporation, the Senior Director of Insights and Analytics will oversee the marketing analytics team as well as drive product performance by evaluating consumer data insights.

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