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A beginners guide to becoming a fashion blogger

By Hannah Rafter


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Being a fashion blogger? No longer a new idea. Over the past 2 years blogging and influencing is now a career path that many young individuals are choosing, either following university or after a few years in the industry. All successful bloggers have one thing in common, they love creating and sharing content. If you are thinking about venturing down this path make sure you have a passion for fashion, this will be evident when you then enjoy sharing your views with the world.

Being a blogger is not simple task, it takes time, creativity, dedication and passion in order to be successful. With that in mind, there are a number of important points to remember in order to achieve your goal of becoming a successful fashion blogger.

Stay true to yourself - creating a blog is personal, you and your content is the reason why hundreds or even thousands will flock to your channels for advice and guidance therefore you have to be authentic to yourself. Don’t be shy to share your unique stand point on things or your personal way of approaching things.

Find a voice - the fashion blog market is a saturated one therefore sharing your own unique voice and tone will allow you to stand out and showcase your personality. Top tip: your tone of voice is the one in your head, therefore have a conversation with yourself about a topic.

Be dedicated - in order to have success in blogging you will need to be dedicated with your time. Most aspiring bloggers end up quitting due to having too many distractions and ruthlessly committed to uploading and creating content. You have to dedicate yourself to the blog you create.

Think outside of the box - with thousands of people sharing their views and creative ideas on fashion you need to find a unique stance on things. Do you have a certain type of style that's worth sharing? Do you only shop in certain shops or spend only 10 pounds on an outfit? These different stand points will help your blog stand out from the rest and give you a great niche!

Be consistent - once your followers latch onto you, they will expect you to create the same style of content. This does not mean you have to create the same content subject matter over and over but remember your style. Maybe you want to edit your photos the same way each time? Or sign off each blog post with the same goodbye. Whatever style you choose make sure you stick to it! They are unique to you.

Be business savvy - I’m sure you’re aware of the money that is there to be made with blogging. Every opportunity could be one where money is to be made. Know your worth. This shouldn’t be your sole focus, nor should it influence the type of the content you create.

Be proud and share - once you have created your blog and produced great content it is important to share it with the world. This is the number one way you will bring traction to your site. Use tagging, share via other social media channels or relevant groups. Make hashtags your new best friend!

Connect and network - a great way to grow and increase social media followers is to connect and collaborate with other like minded influencers and content creators. Don’t be shy or selfish, share tips or ask each other to collaborate on content for each others sites. You will in turn bring followers to each others channels.

Have fun - blogging isn’t for everyone and it is a tough job, therefore you have to make sure you are having fun while doing it. If you don’t enjoy what you’re creating then there is no point in putting any time into it. If you enjoy it then your readers will enjoy reading.

Engage - when your blog gets attraction you will start to get communications from your followers. It is essential that you reply and engage with them as much as possible. It is the perfect opportunity to understand and see what kind of content they would like to see from you. It also allows you to develop a connection and relationship with those who support you.

Developing a blog can be a fantastic outlet to showcase your creativity and views on a specific topic area. It is a great attribute to have when applying for roles and the skill set of setting up, creating and running a blog is an attractive one to people in the industry.

Make sure whatever blog you create, that you are passionate about it and it reflects who you are as a person. In a time where the industry is overpopulated with content creatives, it's vital you show your individuality and be yourself.

Go get em!

By Hannah Rafter, founder of The Intern 247, a website dedicated to giving real insights into the world of fashion internships.

Photo credit: Startupstockphotos.com, Pexels

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