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AWWG (Pepe Jeans) signs partnership agreement with ISEM Fashion Business School

By Jaime Martinez


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Left: Marcella Wartenbergh, CEO of AWWG Group. Right: Teresa Sádaba, dean of ISEM Fashion Business School. Image courtesy of ISEM.

ISEM Fashion Business School with its campus in Madrid, Spain, has signed a collaboration agreement with Spanish fashion multinational All We Wear Group (AWWG), the parent company of Pepe Jeans London, Hackett and Façonnable.

The collaboration includes initiatives such as encouraging opportunities for students at the company's brands and financing academic training through scholarships.

This way, AWWG joins a number of Spanish multinationals related to the fashion world, including Inditex, El Corte Inglés, Tendam, Multiópticas and Saga Furs, that have decided to financially support the activities of ISEM.

As part of the collaboration with ISEM Fashion Business School, AWWG is establishing a new university chair position, a tool used by the academic institution to bring the professional world closer and make it available to all its students.

New collaboration agreement: AWWG to financially support ISEM activities

The position will allow different groups adhered to its chairs programme to participate in the school’s operations in different ways, through their active support of research projects promoted by the business school itself.

In addition, the Spanish multinational will actively support the granting of scholarships to students, promoting the incorporation of high profile professionals in the teaching staff, carrying out guidance actions, and collaborating with the department of professional opportunities.

Other support includes facilitating the entry into the job market and the employability of students, financing the academic institution, collaborating by organising visits to AWWG production centres and/or sponsoring ISEM prizes and projects.

The agreement between the two parties was formalised by Marcella Wartenbergh, executive director of AWWG, and Teresa Sádaba, dean of ISEM Fashion Business School.

"At AWWG we are committed to the development of the fashion industry", Marcella Wartenbergh, Executive Director of AWWG Group, said of the collaboration in a release shared by ISEM Fashion Business School upon the formalisation of the collaboration.

"Our experience of more than 30 years working with renowned brands allows us to share our know-how with future professionals to boost their leadership and negotiation skills and thus grow successfully in the fashion sector," she continued.

In this case, she added, "through this agreement", from which "we formalise our long and solid relationship with ISEM".

"The specific aspect of the training we provide at ISEM is the focus on fashion from a business and company point of view," ISEM dean Sádaba added.

"The relationship with industry is especially important for our work," she continued.

The proper functioning of the school and the high employability of its students is important "to a large extent", with the school having a current employability rate of 98 percent.

”This is possible thanks to agreements such as this one with AWWG," she concluded.

ISEM Fashion Business School is part of the University of Navarra in Spain. Its campus is located in Madrid.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.ES. Translation and editing from Spanish into English: Veerle Versteeg.