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Coach presents the Coach (Re)Loved Craftsperson Apprenticeship Program

By Andrea Byrne

Jan 21, 2022


Luxury American design house Coach has presented the Coach (Re)Loved Craftsperson Apprenticeship Program, a one-year program designed to provide leather craftsmanship skills and training.

The apprenticeship is based in New Jersey and aims to teach those who join the programme how to transform pre-loved Coach bags into newly reimagined and restored bags for resale with the help of industry experts.

Additionally, the chosen apprentices will gain the following: a deeper understanding of the product lifestyle, the Coach design process and knowledge concerning the challenges faced by the fashion industry and the planet.

To apply to the program, the individual must have a design degree or a certificate from a community/trade/vocations school, 0-1 years’ work experience in pattern making and product development, as well as other attributes.

The programme is a part of Coach’s initiative, Coach (Re)Loved, which was created to help keep Coach bags out of landfills and instead instil values including repair, refurbishment, upcycling, recycling and trade-in services to help create a circular ecosystem.

At the end of the programme, apprentices will have the chance to join Coach as a Coach (Re)Loved junior craftsperson in the Coach (Re)Loved and Repair Workshop in New Jersey.

Applicatons will be reviewed in February 2022 and the programme will begin in June 2022.

Photo credit: Coach, Facebook