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Condé Nast College set to launch its first BA in Fashion Communication

By May-Anne Oltmans

Feb 17, 2016


The Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design is set to launch its first accredited Bachelor’s Programme in Fashion Communication. Until now, the school only offered courses which lasted a maximum of one academic year. With the addition of the two-year fast track BA, the London based fashion school now offers students the opportunity gain a solid understanding of different aspects of the fashion industry.

Despite its name, which presumes a strong focus on communication in the industry, the new programme covers a variety of fashion related subjects. Examples of classes that students can expect in their foundation year include ‘Marketing Fashion’, ‘Fashion Retailing’ and ‘Graphic Design for Fashion’. After the spring term, students conclude the year by completing a placement at a fashion company. The second year of the course includes courses such as ‘Ethical Issues in Fashion’, ‘Digital Strategies & PR’ and ‘Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship’. Furthermore, students will participate in a so-called ‘Collaborative Industry Project’ for which they need to complete a project assigned to them by one of the school’s partners. Previous partner companies include Vogue, GQ and Louis Vuitton. The spring and summer term are then spent working on the final dissertation.

The school’s Academic Director, Angela Jones, explained that the course was purposefully made very broad, in order to not limit students to one particular career path in fashion. Jones describes the fact that the Condé Nast College now offers the BA as an important achievement. “Creating a two-year BA programme was always an important aim of the college, as we believe that the intensive nature of the course structure prepares students more effectively for working in the fashion industry.”

”We know from 600 or so students that have been through our doors since we opened in 2013 that there is a tremendous appetite for an undergraduate programme here at the College,” said Susie Forbes, principal of the Condé Nast College. “I am incredibly proud of our existing suite of courses and everything that we have achieved so far, but the fast-track, two-year BA (Hons) Fashion Communication degree will take us to an even higher level and represents a significant step forward.”

The Condé Nast College is set to welcome the first BA Fashion Communication students in October 2016. Applications are now open to anyone interested in pursuing the Fashion Communication degree. Students can apply before May 20 2016 by filling out the online application form, after which they are invited for an interview in person or by telephone. Finally, applicants are required to send in a portfolio which contains evidence of their interest in fashion. The programme’s tuition fee is 27.500 pounds (35.340 euros) per academic year.

Image credit: Condé Nast College Facebook