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Day three: Neo.Fashion. presents the “Best Graduates' Show”

By Andrea Byrne

Sep 10, 2021


Berlin-based graduate hub Neo.Fashion. has presented its “Best Graduates’ Show" for the first time ever at Berlin Fashion Week.

At the fifth edition of the event, over 80 graduates from 13 universities from German-speaking countries showcased their graduates’ collections from 6-8 September.

The following nominees from the following schools took part in the event: Flora Taubner from Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, Caro Becker from Bremen University of the Arts, Clelia Schäfer from Pforzheim University, Tony Eisold from Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Felicitas Volk from Lette Association Berlin, Dennis Sanders from Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Sirima Ehmke from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

Additionally, Laura Petzke from the Media Design University, Eva Viola Emmermann from Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Paul Kadjo from AMD Academy Fashion & Design, Aylin Tomta from Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Sophia Mazenauer from State Fashion School Stuttgart and Damian Ohl from Weißensee School of Art Berlin.

View some of the images below:

Click here to view the “Best Graduates’ Show”.

Photo credit: Julie Becquart / ILLURE management