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Dirk Reynders steps down as director of AMFI

By Caitlyn Terra



Dirk Reynders, the director of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AMFI), is stepping down, according to various media reports. The announcement comes about six months after an investigation revealed an unsafe culture at the school. Earlier, students demanded Reynders' departure.

Last year, it came out that the students and teachers felt unsafe so it was promised by the school and Reynders that this issue would be improved. Reynders has since announced his departure in a letter to employees of the fashion school as the director has now decided that he is not the right person for the transition.

“In recent months, however, I increasingly realised that the necessary focus on the transition of the AMFI organisation offers me little room for the content of the training. I notice that my personal motivations and qualities mainly lie in the substantive aspects of education, research and fashion. That is why I came to the beautiful fashion institute AMFI at the time. But something else is really needed now,” said Reynders. The director emphasises that necessary changes have already been initiated at AMFI.

AMFI fashion school director resigns

The ball for his resignation started to roll at the beginning of the year last year when it turned out that fashion entrepreneur and AMFI alumni Martijn N. was accused of transgressive behaviour. He would also have exhibited this behaviour when he was still part of the training. After the investigation into N. by the NRC and Parool, many messages came out from students who feel or have felt unsafe at AMFI. Dutch news channel RTLZ then spoke with just under 30 students in an investigation into the situation on AMFI and published the findings. An independent investigation was set up to explore the culture at the fashion school and the verdict came in June: the report underlines the unsafe culture at the training.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.nl and it was translated by Andrea Byrne.

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