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Esmod students invited to style the future look for Camaïeu

By May-Anne Oltmans


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Roubaix-based fashion school Esmod has organised a competition in collaboration with fashion brand Camaïeu, which offered 40 students the chance to customize and style looks for the French brand. The students, who were all in their sophomore year, were divided in eight groups and were given one month to come up with a collection which was later presented during Camaïeu´s ´30-minute Fashion Week´ in honour of the brand´s 30th anniversary.The fashion brand presents itself as a ´colourful´, ´feminine´ and ´happy´ brand, which was clearly reflected in the fashion show which featured dresses, trousers and blouses in colours such as white, orange and lavender.

“The goal of this competition for students was to let them present their vision on what Camaïeu will look like in the future,” said Camaïeu´s owner Elisabeth Cunin. Additionally, their eye for detail and ability to work under pressure were tested, as a lot of attention needed to be paid to details.

“The values which were at the core of this competition were braveness, creativity and discipline,” says Camaïeu´s collection coordinator Anabelle Buchet de Neuilly. “Therefore, we were truly impressed by the quality and creativity of these students´ work.” However, Buchet de Neuilly was not the only one who was impressed during the show. Esmod´s director Philippe Zmirou shared her sentiment, judging by what he said in an interview with French news website La Voix du Nord. “The collection was fresh, dynamic and therefore hopeful,” he said.

After the show, Margaux Plumecocq, Floriane Duforeau, Baptiste Lemaire and Gaëtan Vanlaere were announced as the winners of the competition and all received a 1.000 euro discount on this year´s tuiton fees. Their collection consisted of six looks, including a white dress with with puffed sleeves and a pair of taupe trousers which were decorated with a colourful, camouflage-inspired print. The teams who ended on the second and third place were rewarded with respectively a 700 euros deduction on their tuition fees and Camaïeu gift cards worth 300 euros.

“We were flattered that we could take part in this competition. Also, it was interesting from a financial point of view,” commented the winning students. Camaïeu has announced that it is currently investigating whether or not they will produce and sell the customized items that were presented during the show.

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