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Fashion Council Germany and PVH Foundation team up on fashion programme

By Veerle Versteeg


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Image: the official Generation Zukunft programme visual, courtesy of Fashion Council Germant and the PVH Foundation.

Fashion Council Germany is launching a fashion education programme in collaboration with the PVH Foundation and PVH Corp. The programme, entitled ‘Generation Zukunft’, is aimed at German students with an average age of 15 and seeks to teach the participants about social equality and diversity and how these issues relate to the fashion industry.

The goal of the two partners is to make the fashion industry more diverse by supporting the most disadvantaged youth groups in Germany, who are victims of difficulties posed by society such as social exclusion.

‘Generation Zukunft’ will be initiated this autumn, Fashion Council Germany and PVH announced in a joint press release. 16 schools will be visited each year with a focus on the most diverse regions in Germany, especially secondary schools. A total of three visits are scheduled per school.

The Generation Zukunft lessons at these schools will teach students about different topics and issues, focusing primarily on the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry and raising more awareness about these issues by promoting future career opportunities for new thinkers and talents in the industry.

Each lesson will explore one topic accompanied by webinars. Each pupil will receive a guidebook upon completion of the programme and during the school year they will participate in a number of tests.

Top participants to be invited to annual Fashion Zukunft Conference

The 24 pupils with the best test results will be invited to Fashion Council Germany’s annual conference Fashion Zukunft, held at Dumfries House in Scotland in partnership with the Prince’s Foundation.

The aim of involving pupils from the programme during the conference is for them to enhance their knowledge about the industry and share their experiences with regards to the new programme.

”We want to encourage young talents from a very early age to rethink the status quo of the fashion industry and learn about career opportunities that might not be familiar to them,” Scott Lipinski, the CEO of Fashion Council Germany, said in the joint press release.

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