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Fashion for Good launches circular fashion programme

By Andrea Byrne

Nov 23, 2021


Platform for sustainable fashion innovation Fashion for Good has launched an MBO (middle-level applied education) programme entitled the circular fashion programme.

The one-year programme is a pilot project to introduce students to sustainable fashion and to describe the reasons why the fashion industry must change into a circular system for people and the environment.

The course was created with the intention to inspire students with a fashion background to come up with creative solutions that fit in with the circular fashion industry. The programme aims to reach 13,000 students who annually start fashion-related MBO training after the development year.

Additionally, a pilot day programme was also developed, which is now being tested for a year by three MBO schools with a total of 200 MBO students. The programme can be booked for first and second-year MBO fashion students from September 2023.

Gwen Boon, museum manager, said in a statement: “Initially we focus on MBO fashion education because most of the workforce in the fashion sector has an MBO education, while the circular economy is currently not receiving enough attention there.

“As a sustainable fashion organisation, we see a great need for more knowledge about sustainability and circularity: it is asked a lot by, among others, starting designers, clothing brands, fashion press and other media.”

Photo credit: Fashion for Good