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Fashion Minority Alliance launches internship agency

By Andrea Byrne


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Fashion Minority Alliance (FMA), the London-based non-profit organisation, has launched an internship agency to go alongside its talent directory platform.

The internship agency and the talent directory platform both were created with the aim of making equal opportunities in creative industries for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) and underrepresented professionals across Africa, Europe and the USA.

With the addition of the internship agency, as well as FMA members being able to create profiles and vacancies due to the talent directory platform, there will now be pre and entry-level career stages offered to support the next generation of industry leaders.

Barbara Kennedy-Brown, the co-founder of FMA, said in a statement: “The FMA directory is a pool of black and minority talents from different spheres of the fashion, beauty, lifestyle industries and beyond.

“It's not limited to the fashion industry, you can find social media managers, writers and illustrators there for example, but the basis is that the pool is centred around people who want to work in the creative industries.

“And, with the addition of our internship agency, sitting alongside our original talent directory, we are creating a pipeline of future talent.

“The FMA talent directory is a direct response to companies that say ‘we don’t know where to find diverse talent’, because there is a place and has been since 2020, and there is no longer any excuse for a company not to have a diverse workforce that resembles the streets we, as a society, are walking along.”

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