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Fashion School Fun Facts: University of Salford

By Andrea Byrne

May 27, 2022


Image: University of Salford International, Facebook

The University of Salford aims to serve the need of commerce, education and industry; these are only some of the ways it has prepared students for life after university.


The University of Salford has built an educational community in Salford, Manchester, in the United Kingdom over the past 125 years.

When studying fashion at the University of Salford, students will experience the cutting-edge facilities at the 55 million pounds New Adelphi building, where dedicated teachers will help enhance students’ creativity.

All graduates will leave with a portfolio of work and will have gained real work experience by undertaking live briefs in the areas of interest to them.

What to study?

Fashion students who choose to study at the University of Salford must send a portfolio of work beforehand to be evaluated, and if accepted, students are advised to research fashion designers and photographers who inspire them and recommend reading fashion magazines such as Dazed & Confused and Purple.

There is a selection of fashion courses for students to choose from, including a Bachelor in Fashion Design with a foundation year or a Bachelor in Fashion Image Making and Styling with a foundation year. The foundation year is helpful for students who wish to gain a general grounding in the area before starting the degree.

Students can also select a three-year Bachelor in Fashion Design, Fashion Image Making and Styling, and Fashion Business and Promotion. Additionally, students also have the choice of studying a Master in Fashion Design.


The university’s numerous industry initiatives and research programmes are ongoing to rise to challenges faced in the world. Its current focus lie in digital and intelligent living as well as robotics.

Over 23,000 students, 2500 staff and 170,000 alumni study, teach and research at the university.

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