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Graduate Programmes: Where to Start your Career in Fashion

By Andrea Byrne


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For graduates looking to enter the fashion industry, applying to design houses, fashion magazines and retailers is a good starting point as it gives a chance to develop one’s skills and gain experience within a fashion environment.

View some of the companies that offer graduate programmes below:


German multinational corporation Adidas specialises in designing and manufacturing sports shoes, active wear and sports accessories.

The company offers the ‘APAC Future Talents Programme’, it is a two-year programme designed to provide young talent with a platform to grow as future employees. It is available in the following locations: Hong Kong, China; Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, Mainland China; Seoul, South Korea; Singapore, South East Asia; Taiwan, China.

Alexander McQueen

British luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen is known for its modern British couture, craftsmanship and creativity.

The fashion brand offers the opportunity to work in small teams and be involved in real-life work experience. For example, one of the full-time graduate programmes offered is entitled ‘Graduate Trainee, 3D Support’, where the trainee will have the chance to work with cutting edge technology linked to design. The location for this particular internship is in the United Kingdom.

British Fashion Council (BFC)

Not-for-profit organisation BFC aims to enable sustainable growth and strengthen British fashion globally.

BFC offers the one-year ‘Graduate Traineeship Programme’ to London-based designers to optimise and harness their talent, the programme is paid for by Fashion Trust, a charity run by BFC.

Condé Nast

Mass media company Condé Nast produces leading print, digital, video and social brands.

Condé Nast offers an ‘Advertising Sales Graduate Scheme’ which provides trainees with the following skills to move them forward in the world of publishing: advertisement design, client management, copywriting, sales techniques and visionary training.


Italian luxury fashion house Gucci represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.

Gucci provides programmes for graduates to be involved in the creative process as well as coordination activities. For example, one of the programmes available is entitled ‘Graduate Trainee, Embroidery Design Assistant’.


French-based multinational corporation Kering specialises in luxury goods and owns several luxury fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and more.

Kering Eyewear offers graduate programmes to allow those to reach their full potential. For example, one of the programmes offered is called ‘Graphic Design/Trade Marketing Graduate Trainee’, the chosen trainee will work closely with the marketing department for six months and support them in the following areas: collection presentations, distribution, graphic design and more.

O.Yang Jewellery

London-based jewellery brand O.Yang Jewellery fuses Asian culture with contemporary jewellery design.

The company offers a paid three-month programme to ensure the creation of an inspired jewellery collection by providing the designers with both creative and technical help.


Japanese clothing apparel brand Uniqlo produces casualwear and accessories for women, men and children.

The fashion brand offers a one-year ‘Management Graduate Programme’ in the Netherlands. The programme aims to provide the graduate with business, people and practical retail skills.

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