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House of Denim x Jean School launches collection with the Lycra Company

By Andrea Byrne


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Image: @sirconrads

House of Denim x Jean School, in collaboration with the Lycra Company and seven denim manufacturers, have released a new collection that focuses on the future of stretch denim.

The collection entitled Stretch Yourself consists of fourteen designs that will be launched through an exhibition during the denim fair Kingpins in Amsterdam, on the 20 and 21 April. After this, the collection will be on display in Denim City in Amsterdam until 31 June. The fabrics used will also be available at Denim City as samples and for design purposes.

Image: @sirconrads

When designing the collection, the focus was on using the most durable and innovative stretch denim fabrics of the moment. The Lycra Company shared innovative technologies for the occasion to offer denim material stretch in a more sustainable way.

Seven different progressive denim manufacturers sent their fabrics for this: Advance Denim from China, Bossa Denim, Calik Denim, DNM Denim from Egypt, Kindy Enterprises from Pakistan, Naveena Denim Mills and Orta from Turkey.

Image: @sirconrads

Mariette Hoitink, the co-founder of House of Denim, said in a statement: “What excited me about this project with Jean School, Lycra, and these seven mills is that we started with an educational segment on sustainability and innovation involving all mills and that we kept it open for the students to design whatever they felt like.

“The mills provided the students with super special fabrics. The end result ranges from well designed tight and baggy pants to dresses that question gender. Couture meets casual. The title of the exhibition, Stretch Yourself, really applies; the students worked day and night to come up with the final results and took a totally unexpected take on stretch denim. The whole project reflects diversity and inclusion and supports creativity.”

Image: @sirconrads
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