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In Pictures: Amsterdam Fashion Academy graduation show 2021

By Andrea Byrne


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Photo credit: Studio Pasarella Photography

The Amsterdam Fashion Academy has presented the collections from its 2021 fashion design graduates.

Graduation show: Fashion your Future 2021

Domitille Georget created a collection called ‘Our Two Mothers’, which focuses on the link and relationship between motherhood and the planet. “With this collection, I aimed to show how a mother can overprotect or over-love her child, reducing the space the child needs to grow, showing protection and comfort yet restrictions at the same time,” Georget said in a statement.

Designer: Domitille Georget, Our Two Mothers

Eva Celine Lynau’s concept for her collection called ‘Mindfulness’ was to create clothing with zero waste.

Designer: Eva Celine Lynau, Mindfulness

Francesco Musso’s collection is entitled ‘Francescana’ and it is based on a family who lives in the countryside and who are imagining a different reality. The collection was also created sustainably, Musso added: “The materials were taken in special deadstock markets, and some I even managed to recover them from local factories to favour the performance of small producers.”

Designer: Francesco Musso, Francescana

Merel Tibboel has produced a collection called ‘Everyday Decadence’ and it was designed with the intention of lasting longer, being practical and versatile and having a second life. Also, it embodies the following traits: comfortable, elegant, slow and statement.

Designer: Merel Tibboel, Everyday Decadence

Photo credit: Amsterdam Fashion Academy, Facebook

Video: AmsFashion via YouTube

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