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In Pictures: Beckmans College of Design at Stockholm Fashion Week

By Andrea Byrne


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Swedish school Beckmans College of Design has presented twelve of its BA in Fashion Design students at Stockholm Fashion Week.

The following students displayed their FW22 collections: Asli Cömert, Desirée Bjurinder Fritzon, Kevin Nilsson, Isabelle Sjöman, Samuel Westerberg, Teodor Warpe, Thomas Wieser, Gabriella Danerlöv, Alice Svensson Brostedt, Saveja Sevéra Awzel, Hilda Landström Ferm and Maya Sundholm.

The students based their designs on fashion designers including Augusta Lundin, Barbara Hulanicki/Biba and Claude Montana, as well as Beckmans’ alumni Ann-Sofie Back, Gunilla Pontén and Sighsten Herrgård.

View the images from the fashion show below:

Designers: Asli Cömert x BIBA

Designers: Desirée Bjurinder Fritzon x BIBA

Designers: Kevin Nilsson x Sighsten Herrgård

Designers: Isabelle Sjöman x Sighsten Herrgård

Designers: Samuel Westerberg x BACK

Designers: Teodor Warpe x BACK

Designers: Thomas Wieser x Augusta Lundin

Designers: Gabriella Danerlöv x Augusta Lundin

Designers: Alice Svensson Brostedt x Augusta Lundin

Designers: Saveja Sevéra Awzel x Pontén

Designers: Hilda Landström Ferm x Claude Montana

Designers: Maya Sundholm x Claude Montana

Photo credit: Mathias Nordgren

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