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In Pictures: Istituto Marangoni Shanghai at SHFW

By Andrea Byrne


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The Istituto Marangoni Shanghai has presented some of its graduates' SS22 collections at Shanghai Fashion Week (SHFW).

Eight graduates from the Istituto Marangoni Shanghai collaborated with Guangzhou-based fashion brand Ricostru, a label founded by a team of designers under one of the school’s alumni, fashion designer Rico Manchi Au. The students included Cui Chengcheng, Jin Sihui, Liu Kexin, Wang Mingxuan, Wei Chenying, Xu Huiyu, Yang Li Jiayi and Zhang Mengchi.

Additionally, twelve graduates from the same institution were selected to participate in SHFW: Han Yitong, Jin Chengge, Li Hongda, Liu Jiayi, Tang Beibei, Wan Xiaotong, Wei Chenying, Wu Yi, Xiao Jinghan, Ye Xiaoyan, Zhang Mengchi and Zhang Shixuan.

Ms. Cheng Yingtin, chief operating officer of Marangoni Greater China, said in a statement: “Marangoni is honoured to participate in SHFW again. This time we presented the remarkable results of Marangoni's first alumni mentor project entitled “I’m Mentors". I am very happy to invite Marangoni's outstanding alumni and successful brands to lead all of the great graduates from our school to participate in the design creation and selection campaigns.

“Our school aims to inject multi-dimensional support for the new generation of designers; provide a stage for new designers to show their creativity. At the same time, we would like to increase the connection between alumni and the school. Supporting each other in the fashion industry chain enables the continuation and development of the spirit of Marangoni."

View some of the designs from Istituto Marangoni Shanghai below:

View some of the designs from the collaboration between Istituto Marangoni Shanghai and Ricostru below:

Photo credit: Istituto Marangoni Shanghai

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