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Istituto Marangoni Paris collaborates with Olivier Rousteing

By Herve Dewintre


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Fashion school Istituto Marangoni Paris announces in a press release that the establishment will have a ‘privileged’ collaboration with the Balmain house and its artistic director.

Opened in 2006, the Parisian establishment of the Istituto Marangoni group (which also has branches in Milan, London and Shanghai) provides the presence of Olivier Rousteing as a part of the collaboration between the fashion school and the French house. The famous artistic director of Balmain will go to the Parisian school next April and provide a masterclass for 450 students, it will allow Rousteing to discuss his course and to interact with the students.

“Not so long ago, the most influential people in the world of fashion did not imagine that someone like me could find himself at the head of the collections of one of the most emblematic houses in Paris. But times are changing,” says Olivier Rousteing in the press release to clarify the meaning of his masterclass. “The generations that preceded me worked to open doors that had been closed for too long and thanks to them, I was able to enter and be part of a club that had until then been as exclusive as it was excluding. I have to do them proud and that's why I'm more than determined to keep those doors wide open.”

Reflection of diversity

The collaboration between the school and the fashion house will be ‘privileged’ during the coming year, the press release insists. Olivier Rousteing will discuss and share his ideas about the various programs offered by the establishment as part of a global reflection with the teaching staff of Marangoni. “I want to help future generations and ensure that the French fashion industry reflects the diversity and beauty that we see every day in the streets of Paris,” says the artistic director. Balmain, as part of this collaboration, will also award a scholarship to a student to finance their year within the establishment. Finally, during Paris Fashion Week, students will also have the opportunity to work on the Balmain Fashion Festival.

Originally published on FashionUnited.fr and translated by Andrea Byrne.

Photo credit: Pascal Dangin

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