London-based social enterprise set to launch Pop-up School of Fashion

The pop-up concept is nothing new in retail, but when it comes to education, as of yet there is no such thing as a pop-up school. That is, until this spring, when social enterprise Meanwhile Space is set to launch its Pop-up School of Fashion in Wembley, London. The temporary school will offer a six week programme which aims to help emerging fashion designers take their label to the next level.

The programme which the Pop-up School of Fashion is set to offer includes lectures, practical workshops and one-on-one sessions with experts from the fashion industry such as fashion stylist Denise Brown, London College of Fashion (LCF) lecturer Rosemary Varley and Middlesex University lecturer Emma Dick. Classes will cover topics such as ´Branding & Identity´, ´Product: materials, production, sampling´ and ´Marketing & Sales´. In addition to theory-based classes, students will be divided into groups which will work together to plan a catwalk show and style a photo shoot to present their designs. Furthermore, they will be offered a free spot in the two week Pop-up Shop which follows the programme.

”We have identified a real need for a programme which supports fashion designers to make it in the very competitive fashion world,” said Diana Grisales, Assistant Director at Meanwhile Space. “We have seen many talented local graduates from leading fashion schools who get discouraged by the slow and expensive journey they have to embark on to get their creations seen.” The Pop-up School of Fashion strives to provide these beginning designers with the experience and support they need to turn their ideas into a viable business model.

In order to realize this initiative, Meanwhile Space has received support from local fashion designer and consultant Shilpa Billmoria, the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Brent Council. “Supporting small businesses and enabling anyone, no matter their background, to access support to start their own enterprise is crucial in supporting the local economy and community,” explained Roxanne Mashari, who is a lead member of Employment and Skills for Brent Council.

The programme will run from March to April 2016 at Chesterfield House, with the photo shoot, catwalk show and pop-up shop taking place sometime between May and June. The fee for participating with the programme is 300 pounds. Fashion designers who are interested can still submit their application until February 26 by filling out the online form and sending photos of their work as well as their résumé to Meanwhile Space.

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