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London College of Fashion partners with Mending for Good

By Andrea Byrne


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The London College of Fashion (LCF) has partnered with Mending for Good, a consulting agency addressing fashion waste issues, to create a collaborative training programme.

The programme was developed to empower women from marginalised communities, the team aims to do this by providing these women with practical artisan skills in creative stitching, hand embroidery, and mending knitwear.

Additionally, the partnership is a part of LCF’s ‘Making for Change Training and Manufacturing Unit’ at Poplar Works in East London, which aims to deliver more sustainable fashion production by implementing innovative solutions.

Claire Swift, director of social responsibility at London College of Fashion, said in a statement: “At LCF, we are pleased to collaborate with Mending for Good as we share the same vision and core values, combining environmental issues with social purpose, whilst also providing young designers with the space to explore upcycling and ethical production methods. We place great importance on partnerships like this, aiming to create change in the industry together.”

Barbara Guarducci, artistic director of Mending for Good, added: “Mending for Good at Poplar Works aims to connect the worlds of fashion and socially fragile people through craft. It is an inclusive and innovative model that values both people and the planet through the creation of job opportunities and the implementation of creative solutions for excess materials and production. It is our approach to fashion that we call ‘Honest Fashion’.”

Photo credit: Mending for Good

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