Mod'spe Paris partners with the Ionis Education Group

French business and fashion school Mod'spe Paris has partnered up with the Ionis Education Group, a higher education group in France.

Daniel Wertel, president of Mod'spe Paris, said in a statement: “The association of Mod'spe Paris with the Ionis Group marks a new stage in the life of the school. In almost thirty years of its history, the school has been able to adapt to a world of fashion and higher education which has undergone profound changes.

"Today, by leaning against the first group of French higher education, in association with the French Federation of Prêt à Porter Féminin and the Syndicat de Paris de la Mode Féminine, Mod'spe gives itself the means to develop in order to better meet the expectations of companies in the sector. I am delighted with this alliance, which will allow us to continue our growth in France and internationally.”.

The Ionis Education Group has 350 partnerships in 60 countries, has more than 25 educational institutions and schools across 20 French cities and it has over 28,500 students globally.

Marc Sellam, president and founder of the Ionis Education Group, commented: “This union is important for our group, symbolic of our vision of education, revealing of our approach to development. Mod'spe is a school that values active pedagogy, which places the student at the heart of the learning process, which gives high importance to the projects and to the experiences and initiatives of its students.

"In addition, we have learned to know each other, to discuss our respective cultures and to make this union beneficial to all. We are sure that this school, when we tackle so many questions of the environment, sustainable development, “made in France” and the practical culture of the sectors, has exceptional potential.”

Photo credit: Mod'spe Paris





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