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Polimoda joins United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network

By Andrea Byrne


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Image: Polimoda Communications Office

Florentine fashion school Polimoda has teamed up with the United Nations Office for Partnerships (UN) to join its UN Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network.

Polimoda is the first academic institution to join the online platform. It was created with the objective of connecting key industry stakeholders, media and governments globally to speed-up the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the fashion industry.

Massimiliano Giornetti, director of Polimoda, said in a statement: “Polimoda has been dedicated to supporting and promoting inclusivity, diversity and sustainability for years and I believe this has become the true cultural substratum of our school today.

“Our community is committed to the dissemination and implementation of sustainable development in the fashion world. This change is essential in transforming the industry from being seen as a status symbol to a symbol of sociological and cultural evolution and awareness.”

The collaboration aims to promote and implement sustainability in the fashion industry with a concentrated focus on education, employment, equality and inclusivity opportunities. This will be achieved by organised events for students such as educational programmes including training modules for SDG within the Master in International Fashion Business and masterclasses taught by industry experts from the network.

Annemarie Hou, executive director of the UN Office for Partnerships, added: “We’re excited to collaborate with Polimoda for people and for the planet and co-create opportunities with young talented creatives to keep the promise of the SDG. Together we can design a better, more sustainable future for all.”

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