The University of Hertfordshire calls for papers concerning innovation, luxury and technology

The University of Hertfordshire has announced the 2021 ‘In Pursuit of Luxury’ conference to offer an understanding of the luxury industry and it is welcoming papers about the relationship between innovation, luxury and technology.

The conference is calling for papers until 4 April in the following categories: bespoke products, design, e-commerce, innovation, manufacture, marketing, materials, on-line and the virtual luxury experience.

The focus of the conference will be examining the luxury industry’s past, present and future. As well as investigating ‘Luxury in the Age of Technology’ and how the industry is changing due to the impact of technologies of experience, distribution and production.

It aims to critically analyse and explore the following academic and commercial sectors: automotive, architecture, engineering, fashion, product, digital design, retail and hospitality.

The conference will take place on 26, 27 and 28 May 2021 and it was produced in collaboration with the research laboratory’s design department at the Politecnico di Milano and Fashion in Process (FiP).

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