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Accademia Costume & Moda creates a scientific committee

By Andrea Byrne

Sep 21, 2021


Accademia Costume & Moda (ACM) has announced the creation of the scientific committee for those completing BA courses lasting three years or master degrees in the communication area.

The committee includes ACM international director of education, Adrien Roberts, Antonio Mancinelli (curator, journalist, professor and writer), ACM director of education, Barbara Trebitsch, ACM director of the Milan office, Sara Azzone, and the deputy editor in chief special projects Vogue Italia and director of Vogue Talents, Sara Sozzani Maino.

The first act of the committee is the launch of the three-year BA in fashion communication: fashion editor, styling & communication in Milan. The aim of the course is to prepare those who wish to work with brands or products in communication, styling or publishing.

President of ACM, A. Lupo Lanzara, and CEO of ACM, Furio Francini, said in a statement: "The creation of the new scientific committee in the communication area is just one of the many pieces for the construction - by ACM - of solid training in line with market demands by the fashion system.

"The personal and professional growth of our students remains one of our founding values and, for this reason, we are honoured to welcome Sara Sozzani Maino, Antonio Mancinelli and Paolo Ferrarini to our big family!"

Photo credit: Accademia Costume & Moda