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AMFI launches new digital summer course

By FashionUnited

Apr 6, 2021


AMFI is unique in her education on 3D virtual prototyping and developments in high-level sustainable products and performances. We like to give you the opportunity to be part of that development and the change of paradigm in fashion by joining our two-week summer course Virtual Fashion Design: the new real.

AMFI (Digital) Summer Course 2021
DATE: 5-16 Juli
Online course, in English

Digital fashion weeks and virtual shows in the current pandemic confirm the importance of digital innovation in fashion. This evolution is changing the profile of a fashion designer and by using digital tools and formats possibly opens up the door to a more sustainable common future.

Would you like to get hands-on digital prototyping and turn your professional fashion visions into 3D dimensions? Do you want to be prepared for the upcoming digital era in the fashion industry? This two-week Digital Fashion Design Course 2021 is held online, by skilled lecturers, and prepares you for the career in dynamically changing fashion industry.

We offer an inspiring and intensive two-week online course where one can get an insight and in-depth knowledge about 3D virtual prototyping and its influence on today’s fashion industry. Course will encourage participants to rethink working methods, product presentation and production. Empower yourself with new skills and be able to nuance your role amongst the fashion professionals.

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