ArtEZ celebrates Collectie Arnhem 2020

Third-year Fashion Design bachelor students from the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem collaborated to develop, design and present their view on fashion today with the Collectie Arnhem 2020.

Titled “It’s Okay,” Collectie Arnhem 2020 celebrates the inner dilemma we all may have: to act or not to act. With this collection, the students want people to rejoice in whatever choice they make and not feel paralysed by making the wrong one-simply embrace the duality that impacts us all. In the design process, the students analyzed the conflicting action of weighing polarizing decisions and desires. Presented on January 27, the Collectie Arnhem 2020 “It’s Okay,” will be shown once again at the ArtEZ Graduation Show in June. Design students whose works were featured in the collection include Alberto Bermudez Oviedo, Alicia Mesecke, Eva Vrolijk,Joëlle Leenders, Jung Kim, Kai Li, Kees Hollander,Kenza Iatrides, Kristin Ferrell, Marco Blazevic,Meike van Lelijveld, Michael de Geus, Rachel Klok, Rosa Kampinga, Sterre Bodeldijk, Wolter Pot and Zoë Mesman.

ArtEZ celebrates Collectie Arnhem 2020

Collectie Arnhem connects students with influential companies, institutions and individuals in the field of fashion, art and design. Students receive advice and coaching from leading fashion professionals from designers to consultants. The project offers a laboratory-style environment where students research and explore diverse aspects of the process and the profession; questioning what fashion is and challenging what it can ultimately be.

ArtEZ celebrates Collectie Arnhem 2020

Photos: courtesy of Collectie Arnhem, credited to JW Kaldenbach





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