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Chanel teams up with Politecnico di Milano University

By Andrea Byrne


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Image: Unsplash

French luxury fashion house Chanel has teamed up with Politecnico di Milano University.

The partnership was devised to reaffirm Chanel’s commitment to international academic institutions of excellence and to support the label’s sustainable initiatives.

In addition, Chanel wishes to utilise Politecnico's expert researchers and expertise to model new methods that take the changing luxury manufacturing activities into account.

As well as improving the development, innovation and research of more sustainable materials and production processes that Chanel could use in its manufacturing activities.

Chanel will also devise recruitment, talent development and training initiatives for its collaborators.

The House aims to decrease its carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2030 and decrease emissions from its value chain, and by 2025, Chanel aims to use 100 percent renewable energy.

Politecnico di Milano