Domus Academy expands educational offer with 4 new online courses

Starting from September the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy will offer its students four new online short online courses. The courses will take four weeks for a total of 60 hours and are aimed at students who have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience. The course will be in English.

The four new courses will be: Area Design (Starting from the conviction that the role of design (and of the designer) is to help understand and transform to its own advantage the changes and challenges in the surrounding world), Area Business (The objective of this course is to support participants in the rapid definition of innovative business strategies in highly volatile contexts, allowing companies to reinvent themselves and have a competitive advantage), Fashion - video making & Digital creative content (In this course participants will explore the complexity of visual languages, the essential principles of film making and the technical skills to enable personal interactions in a wide range of video formats) and Experience - Designing Future (The focus of this course will be the methods and strategies to imagine the future as part of the design process, considering that the complexities and uncertainties of the global and interconnected contemporary world increasingly require design to focus on wider themes and issues, where new methodological approaches need to be applied).

To meet the needs of the global audience from different parts of the world, the school offers flexible hours from Monday to Saturday, with lessons divided into morning sessions and afternoon sessions. The courses will be held from 28 September to 23 October 2020, from 9 November to 4 December 2020 and from 11 January to 5 February 2021.

Students can subscribe for the courses through the website of Domus Academy.

Image: by Domus Academy





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