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EIDM partners with Yihai Investment Ltd


Photo credit: Ecole Internationale de mode - EIDM, Facebook
By Andrea Byrne

Jul 19, 2021

Paris-based fashion design school Ecole Internationale de Mode et Luxe (EIDM) has partnered with Yihai Investment Ltd to create a fashion school for Mauritian and international students.

EIDM joined Yihai Investment Ltd after learning about its Smart City project in Mauritius, a plan to construct commercial, institutional and residential buildings, as well as a fashion hub.

The aim of the partnership is to introduce students to the business of artistic direction, communication, fashion, fashion marketing and styling through a two-week summer course organised by EIDM.

The course will be taught by speakers from the EIDM and at the end of the course the students will have to put together a fashion show with the knowledge they have learned from the course.