EIDM students hosted the Gaia Fashion Show

Students of the International School of Fashion & Luxury in Paris showed their new designs last Friday during the Gaia Fashion Show. The fashion show that takes place every year, marks the beginning of the new school year.

During the Gaia Fashion Show project, all the courses of EIDM were represented: Art Direction & Styling, Luxury Management, Fashion Business, and Fashion Communication & Marketing.

With the theme "Gaia", students of EIDM wanted to question the public about the full consciousness of men and the human condition. Through the parade, students showed the man from an innovative angle. A sustainable and respectful way of the environment and more attentive to human needs were the focus during the parade. According to a press release of EIDM: “The old codes will be recycled to meet the expectations and needs of Generation Z: the acceptance of the other and humility in front of Nature.”

Image: EIDM





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