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'EsCam': Argentinian Chamber of Fashion launches e-school

By Cynthia Ijelman


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Image: Julia M Cameron / Pexels

The Argentinian Chamber of Fashion (CAM, Cámara Argentina de la Moda in Spanish) has announced the launch of 'EsCam', a programme of online seminars on industry topics.

The first of the courses is planned for March 20 and will happen live, through a dedicated web platform.

"You can learn to cook from a tutorial, not really enjoy it, and still learn to cook," Francisco Ayala, an Argentinian designer and president of the Chamber, said in a statement published by news agency TELAM .

In addition, he indicated that the organisation does not rule out the possibility of giving practical workshops at some point.

For now, four seminars have been announced. On Monday March 20, the e-school will kick off with "The world of Dante Alighieri and its reflection in fashion". The seminar will use Dante's work as the starting point for an intertextual reflection on the fashion system in the West.

The next seminar will be "Design, analysis and assembly of a fashion collection", a proposal designed for those who have to generate any system of production of pieces that have to tell a story and have creative and technical elements to not fail in the attempt.

On Thursday March 23, this will be followed by a course entitled "Fashion and Communication" where the focus will be on the relationship of brands or designers with traditional and digital media as a means of disseminating and positioning their products.

Finally, the Argentinian Fashion Chamber will present its seminar "Understanding the phenomenon of fashion", led by architect Andrea Izzo-Capella, creator and director of the EsCam project. This course will analyse the difference between fashion, design, clothing and history.

Going forward, Francisco Ayala will present what each seminar will consist of alongside the teachers in charge of the seminars. This will take place live, every Saturday at 7 PM Buenos Aires time on the Chamber’s official Instagram page.

The seminars are open to the public. Those interested can apply via the website of the CAM.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.AR. Translation and editing from Spanish into English: Veerle Versteeg.