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Fashion show finale: Istituto Marangoni London graduates about their designs

By Esther Hut

Nov 3, 2021


The ten best students from the Fashion Design course of Istituto Marangoni London showed their designs last month during a fashion show called RESET. But where did they find inspiration for their designs?

Cosimo Ippolito

Cosimo Ippolito presents ‘A True Story’ collection, bringing together traditional tailoring techniques with contemporary streetwear and inspired by the true story of a Barbadian man who came to London among the Windrush Generation.

Laura Spilletts

Concrete Fields’ is a juxtaposition between rural and urban landscapes. These black and white garments seek to make the wearer feel confident and empowered.

Noa Sisso

‘Transcultural Weave’ is a celebration of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship, Israeli workwear from the ’50s, and the contemporary urban scenery of vibrant Tel-Aviv.

Eleonora Stefanopoulou

Perception’ is founded on the concept that the world as we know it is a digital simulation controlled by others. A fake reality of our daily lives is portrayed on daily garments.

Joséphine Pentecoste

In ‘Street Smart’, Pentecoste mixes a Parisian charismatic aesthetic with a dark underground London vibe.

Thomas Farries

‘Little gay boy on the rugby pitch’ explores the relationship with sport, specifically Rugby, as a source of discomfort.

Scott Emerson

‘A Dyeing Culture’ refers to the youth rebel subculture, captured specifically by photographers Gavin Watson and Karlheinz Weinberger.

Maria Andrea Hurtado Castro

‘Havana 1930’ is a tribute to the designer’s grandfathers and their biggest passion; music.

Nona Ostrowsky

'-10.00R, -9.00L AW 2021/22’ shares the designer’s point of view of the world, depicted through a carefully curated selection of textures and prints.

Julian Scarry

‘UTOPIAN SS22’ is an escapist exploration of freedom within restriction.

Photos: Istituto Marangoni London