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Frugi funds Eco-Schools teacher training programme

By Veerle Versteeg

Jun 17, 2022


Image: Philippe Leone via Unsplash

Sustainable children’s wear brand Frugi has announced that it will fund the online Eco-Coordinator Training Programme, an initiative by the UK environmental initiative Eco-Schools that provides school teachers and nursery staff with free training.

Previously, Eco-Schools funded training for more than 500 teachers and staff in the UK who applied for the online programme, as per a joint release from Frugo and Eco-Schools.

In 2020, Frugi funded the costs for 150 schools in England to gain their prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag certification.

Applicants need to register, which is when they are given access to the Eco-Schools resources. Teachers and staff then need to complete a seven step programme in order to receive their Green Flag Award for environmental teaching.

The seven step programme details actions and initiatives centred around improving the environment in both the school and the local community.

To address today’s growing concerns about climate change, this academic year Eco-Schools will help 750 teachers in the UK transform into ‘Eco-Coordinators’.

Through the programme, teachers are encouraged to introduce pupil-led environmental action at their schools, share ideas, and provide support and reassurance.

“Eco-Schools and our new Teacher Training Programme will not only benefit so many more children’s lives, but it helps raise environmental change-makers of the future,” Frugi CEO Sarah Clark said in the release.

According to Frugi’s official statistics, Eco-Schools consume less water, use less energy and produce less waste which allows them to save money that can be used for the school in other ways.

Applications for the current academic year close at the end of July.