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IA Connect hires new director

By Andrea Byrne


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Image: CIAFE

IA Connect, an industry insights and knowledge hub that enables Africa’s fashion community, has hired Frederica Brooksworth, the non-profit Council for International African Fashion Education’s (CIAFE) executive director, as the company’s new director.

Brooksworth will remain as CIAFE’s executive director to improve the standards of fashion education in Africa as well as create more opportunities for future talent and close the knowledge and skills gap.

Brooksworth said in a statement: “It’s been amazing to see the significant interest and development in the African fashion industry in recent times.

“I’ve particularly enjoyed building CIAFE where I still remain as the executive director focusing on innovating the African fashion education system, closing the skills gap and developing talent.

“My role at IA Connect goes beyond the fashion education sector and focuses on the African fashion industry at large offering stakeholders insight and opportunities.”

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