Following the initiatives being organized by the FDI of Madrid in the face of this "exceptional situation" that the country is experiencing, the centre - one of the best considered in the field of design at a national level - will launch a virtual and free masterclass, which will be given by designer Moses Nieto. One of the young talents of Spanish fashion, as well as director of the IED Madrid's own fashion school.

The masterclass, called "From the concept to the garment. The creation of a collection fashion", will take place on April 8 and is organized by FDI after the success of its first two virtual classes. To which will, over the next few weeks, follow a full cycle consisting of masterclasses, conferences and workshops linked to the world of design and fashion.

Awarded the National Fashion Prize "New Value" in 2017, Nieto is a big talent in Spanish fashion. Specializing in the manufacture of women's clothing, he founded his brand Homonym in 2011. Since 2014, the designer has been a member of the Association of Creators of Moda de España (ACME). In 2016 Nieto won the "Who's On Next" award.

Registration is free and now open on IED’s website.





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