The winning designers from each national Woolmark Prize: Asia, British Isles, Europe, USA, India-Pakistan-Middle East and Australasia will come together to compete for the International Woolmark Prize 2018 at the start of next year.

The twelve national winners will receive the equivalent of 43,000 pounds regardless of their place in the international competition - as well as expert advice from a global panel who will help to kick-start their design careers.

The national winners and international finalists include:

Matthew Miller, menswear winner British Isles

"The #WoolmarkPrize has given me an opportunity to look at wool in a new way," says @lekilt's Samantha McCoach of her winning wool-denim look.

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Samantha McCoach (Le Kilt), womenswear winner British Isles

SixLee from Hong Kong: menswear winner, Asia

KYE from South Korea: womenswear winner, Asia

L’homme Rouge, menswear winner Europe

David Laport, womenswear winner Europe

Bright star: @davidlaport is Europe's new womenswear hero after winning this year's #WoolmarkPrize for the region. See you at the final in 2018!

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Christopher Bevans, menswear winner USA

Zaid Affas, womenswear winner USA

Antar-Agni, menswear winner India-Pakistan-Middle East

Bodice, womenswear winner India-Pakistan-Middle East

Blair Archibald, menswear winner, Australasia

Harman Grubiša, womenswear winner, Australasia

Set to be held in Florence in January, the International Woolmark prize 2018 will see designers from the six regions come together to entice a range of industry specialist judges with their designs that use Australian Merino wool.

The winner will receive a further 121,200 pounds (approx) as well as Woolmark certification for their winning collection.

A new award has also been introduced for 2018 that will be presented to one of the 12 designers, citing the work of the industry’s trade and supply chain partners. Named ‘The Innovation Award’ it aims to encourage more experimental approaches in design and textile development and will result in a prize of approximately 60,000 pounds. The responsible trade partner will also benefit from a promotion via The Woolmark Company’s trade partner program.





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