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Istituto Marangoni Florence collaborates with Fendi

By Andrea Byrne

May 19, 2022


Image: Unsplash

Istituto Marangoni Florence has collaborated with Italian luxury fashion house Fendi for a new project to recover materials used in the brand’s window installations.

Several students from courses including fashion design, multimedia art and textile innovation have been selected for the project.

The students will be under the mentorship of New York artist Sarah Coleman to conceptualise, develop, and execute their work. Coleman has recently joined ‘I'M Mentors’ of Istituto Marangoni Florence and is best known for upcycling luxury accessories.

This project aims to deconstruct materials and create new garments from discarded clothing items. Students will participate in online and in-person meetings and receive creative support from tutors within the university and managers from Fendi in creating both physical and digital fashion.

The finished pieces will be showcased at an exhibition with the theme of sustainability in autumn 2022 at the space at Fendi Factory in Capannuccia in Florence, Italy.

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