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Istituto Marangoni speaker at Wired Next Fest in Florence

By Aileen Yu


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For the second year in a row, as an exclusive educational partner of the Wired Next Fest, Istituto Marangoni invited an important guest speaker. Francesca Giulia Tavanti led the debate around the modern relationship between art and fashion. Wired Next Fest in Florence is the most important Italian festival that celebrates science, technology, business, social innovation and the desire for change and evolution.

People on the edge

In her speech People on the edge, Francesca Giulia Tavanti guided the public in a confrontation on the increasing synergy between the world of fashion and art through names and stories of an everlasting connection through collaborations. Art and fashion have constantly been linked throughout history. Perhaps because of this, art and fashion continue to change in a dizzying way even in response to new technologies and hence are becoming more difficult to exist without one another.

"Instagram is one of the main evolutions over the last ten years and its impact on art and fashion has also been remarkable. In fact, this platform has changed the way we produce, communicate, sell and consume both works of art and products related to the world of fashion," stated Tavanti. None of the players of either industry are exempt from a revision of its function within the paradigm of this social network: where fame and relevancy dictate success.

Photo: Istituto Marangoni website

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