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LCI Barcelona adapts to the metaverse

By Andrea Byrne

Jul 28, 2022


Courtesy of LCI Barcelona

LCI Barcelona has adapted to the metaverse, an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds, by specialising in areas of innovation and technology to create more design and development bachelor and master degrees.

As the metaverse develops, virtual reality (VR) games are increasingly being implemented in new products. This sector is expected to exceed 2,000 million euros in turnover in Spain alone in 2023, according to a press release.

To meet the demands of this growing sector, LCI Barcelona has increased its options of degrees so that there are more qualified professionals ready to take on the niche work after graduation.

David Carretero, head of the animation and videogames area at LCI Barcelona, said in a statement: “It is a sector that has been growing in recent years, breaking down age barriers” and that “it will not stop growing in the nearest future both due to the evolution of technology and the variety of brands that are developing products in this sector.

“Just as technology evolves, the education of students also has to change. The development of video games and animation has always seemed like something very distant, but this hobby exists for people,, and the passion for knowing how these games can be developed, now with an interest in virtual reality, is growing.”