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LCI Barcelona to promote visual arts with new school newspaper

By Veerle Versteeg

Jun 16, 2022


Image: Alice Donovan via Unsplash

LCI Barcelona will promote the creation of a school newspaper by awarding a grant of 2,500 euros to a Catalan educational institution in order to encourage young people to get involved in the visual arts.

The grant is a collaboration between LCI Barcelona and the Revista Escolar Digital (RED) project, which aims to encourage critical thinking in secondary school students in Spain. It is aimed at schools in Barcelona and will prioritise schools that teach subjects related to visual arts.

The new digital magazine focused on the visual arts will be edited by a professional journalist who will guide and train the participating students.

A jury of journalists, teachers, members of the RED project and representatives of the entities that collaborate and support the initiative will decide which school is the winner.

The grant will be awarded to a single Barcelona school, which will be able to promote its journalistic activity oriented towards the visual arts between the academic years 2022 and 2024.

The grant will also be awarded based on pedagogical, geographical and economic criteria. LCI Barcelona will provide 2,500 euros each school year for the creation of this newspaper, with 500 euros to be paid by the school itself.

The project that LCI Barcelona is involved in is part of the RED project. Its aim is to encourage critical thinking and provide secondary school students with their own newspaper masthead to be updated during the school year.