Mark Anderson new Director of Education at Domus Academy

Domus Academy, a postgraduate Italian design academy and research laboratory, announced Mark Anderson as the new Director of Education.

In his new role Anderson is responsible for all teaching activities and the quality of training, with the aim of preparing students to manage the new future scenarios of design and the complexity of change. The same role Anderson had held in the past in the School of design of Istituto Marangoni, also part of Galileo global education, the private group active in training in fashion and design.

Anderson, an architect and design strategist, graduated in Art and Architecture from the University of Rhode Island and later earned a master's degree in Architecture in New York. After moving to Italy in 1991, in 1997 he founded the Mark Anderson design studio, where he developed a variety of projects on different scales: architecture, interior design, accessories, up to strategic design.

Anderson will put his vision and experience into practice to rethink the Domus Academy training project on a wider scale: even more openness to innovation and multidisciplinarity, with students of different nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds interacting with each other, exchanging stimuli and giving rise to contamination of ideas.

Photo: Domus Academy





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