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Neo Fashion supports young creative people with new platform

By Karenita Haalck

Jun 23, 2022


Image: Neo Fashion

Neo Fashion wants to focus on the next generation of the fashion world. With 'Aspiring Designers', Neo Fashion has launched a call for applications that encourages young entrepreneurs and designers to take the next step in their fashion careers.

Neo Fashion describes itself as a "future network" that acts as a "platform and hub for the best graduates of fashion universities and young designers from all over Germany and the German-speaking area.” For the 2022 edition, the initiative is now introducing the 'Aspiring Designers' platform, which addresses not only fresh graduates but also alumni who have set up their own label or start-up, Neo Fashion shared on Wednesday. In addition to the usual graduate shows during Berlin Fashion Week, the program for this September will be supplemented with new funding measures.

In addition to the ten graduate shows, where the Neo Fashion Award will also be presented, there will be numerous pop-ups and presentations on fashion, art and music. The program will also be supplemented with panel talks and workshops. Neo Fashion 2022 will be a hybrid event that addresses B2B and B2C clientele through analogue and digital show formats. “We would like to offer alumni, young designers and start-ups who have set up their label a new platform and visibility during Berlin Fashion Week and beyond," according to a statement.

With the new platform, Neo Fashion aims to create added value for the participants. In addition to the opportunity to present at a pop-up area. The new program is also intended to promote the exchange of experiences and making contacts with industry, the press and associations.

The application period runs from June 1 to June 30. Design collectives, designers who combine fashion with art or music, and start-ups that serve topics such as technology and sustainability in the fashion industry can apply. Specialists who would like to pass on their knowledge through panel discussions are also considered in the selection.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.de, and it was translated into English by Andrea Byrne.

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