Los Angeles - Otis College of Art and Design recently just underwent a new department head change. Rosemary Brantley, who worked as the establishment’s Fashion Design Chair for over 30 years, just announced that she will be leaving the campus.

Her duties as chair led her to run the college fashion design department with complete authority. After 35 years as department head, Brantley has decided to turn in the towel. She worked various school events and started every work day at 7 a.m. “[It] was time to step down,” she told Apparel News. Her experience prior to the role included working as a fashion designer for previous fashion companies as well as gaining an education in the industry. She worked as a designer for Kasper Joan Leslie - NYC and received a BFA in fashion design at Parson School of Design.

Although she is leaving, Brantley is waiting until the campus gets resettled in its new location. Last year, the fashion design department previously announced it will be moving from the California Market Center to the main campus. The full move won’t take effect until later this year. Until then, Brantley will continue her job. However, she will officially leave her role as Fashion Design Chair starting July 1.





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