Pearl Academy is opening a new campus in West Delhi's Rajouri Garden. The new campus is designed around the needs of design students, providing them with a contemporary architectural canvas that is permeated with digitally-enhanced classrooms and collaborative spaces for the 21st century learner.

The campus also provides an unprecedented opportunity to students from different spheres of design to come together and learn diverse aspects of design under one roof.

There are industrial glazed studios and libraries full of resources for creative disciplines. The new facility of Pearl Academy is a modern structure with state-of-the-art hybrid blended labs for courses like communication design, product design, pattern making and garment construction, and has over 250 workstations that can accommodate 300 students for each session.

The building follows best practices such as energy-efficient lighting and treatment plants for waste management and disposal. Colors have been used with close attention paid to their potential, to impact one's mind and emotions. Clear cool white, blue and green are the dominant hues.

Openings of skylight have been sliced into the academic wings so that students receive natural light through the day. The floor plan is designed with ample opportunities for collaboration. The open spaces offer thinking spots and are seamless extensions of classrooms.

Pearl Academy is a leading design and fashion institution.





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